Volunteer Positions & Code of Conduct

Run Leaders

  • West Harrison Maintenance Run
  • Kenyon Lake Maintenance Run


Trail/Road/Site Clearing and repair

  • Clear old trails for use
  • Beware of safety of other recreational users and do not create hazards that could injure quad riders or motorcyclists
  • Look for opportunities to create trail loops where you can enter in one trail system and exit another to create variety for day trips or weekend trips
  • Access areas that have been lost to overgrowth


  • Selling the value of the Association and what we do to
  • Individuals
  • 4×4 clubs
  • 4×4 group

Promoting the value of supporting the Association to

  • 4×4 aftermarket suppliers
  • 4×4 manufactures and dealers
  • Corporate entities interested in supporting organizations that do good public works promoting recreation, health and the environment
  • Other funds and foundations that can support us through grants.


  • Pub Nights
  • Raffles
  • 50/50 draws

Event Coordination

  • Trail cleanups on FSR’s under urban pressure
  • 4×4 Show and Shines
  • Promotion of event to wheelers, wheeling clubs and other wheeling groups
  • Soliciting prizes for raffle
  • Organization at the show, organized parking in groups
  • Coordination of corporate support
  • Communication and logistics



Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • RESPECT: Treat everyone with respect, from other wheelers and other recreational users, to government officials and environmentalists.
  • POSITIVE: Remain positive in all interactions.
  • POLITE: We leave lasting impressions beginning with the first impression.
  • RESPONSIBLE: Live the Four Wheeler’s Code of Ethics
  • DEPENDABLE: Follow through on our word.
  • Don’t pick fights, either in person or online. We can present our view, argue our beliefs, express our opinions without attacking an individual. We lose respect as soon as we react in kind to an online attack, and not just of this one attacker but of the many others who read and do not write.

One of the goals of the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is to represent ALL WHEELERS, not just some. We are to promote mud bogging by advocating by designated areas to do so in areas where it is already a popular activity. We are to promote rock crawling by advocating designated rock crawling areas where the activity is already popular. We are to promote access to trails and trail systems for our day trippers and our adventure wheelers or overlanders.

No one gets left behind is a good motto.

We are not an exclusive entity, rather, we are fully inclusive of the entire wheeling community and we need to be responsive to all of these needs.