Members and Supporters


Our true strength is in our membership – whether it’s the nearly 1400 individuals who have ponied up their annual $30, the dozen-plus off-road clubs who have kicked in $50, or a growing list of local companies who have signed on as Corporate Sustaining Members, our numbers say something to the people who control our access to the backcountry. Those numbers, along with the work we do, tells them that we’re a growing force of responsible off-roaders who want to enjoy as much of BC’s wilderness as possible, that we respect our environment, and that we intend to leave it cleaner than we found it.

All that speaks volumes when it comes to talking access with all levels of governments and private landowners, and it’s opening more and more doors – and gates – all the time.

Supporting Companies

We couldn’t do what we do without the generous donations of money, equipment, labour, and time provided by dozens of companies. Shout out to all of these organizations for their ongoing support of projects like the West and East Stave cleanups, charity runs, maintenance runs, fundraisers, build projects, and everything else we do to keep BC’s backcountry clean and accessible!