Maintenance Run Guidelines

4WDABC Maintenance Run Guidelines

Plan/Supplies before you get there if you are aware they are needed

  • Repair materials (Paint, Paint Bruch, Screws etc)
  • Garbage bags
  • Lyme
  • Chainsaw (if you have one, if  not then be prepared trees may have fallen in trail and you can’t proceed)

Overview prior to trip

  • Brief overview of Agenda of trip
  • Identify other VHF people – if there are others, one at back of pack, one at front of pack, frequency, 146.46
  • Review airing down and provide guidance if needed
  • Explain to any inexperienced drivers what to expect
  • Identify experience of people with you (do they know what four low & four high is for etc)
  • Explain zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol
  • Identify who is taking garbage out
  • Explain to always keep the person behind you in sight before making any “turns” so people do not get lost – ideally in sight at all times, too much dust may not allow at all times
  • Explain that the driver of a vehicle who requires spotting, picks someone they are comfortable with following.

During Trip

  • At beginning of any obstacles, explain to new drivers what to expect
  • Identify anyone who may need to be spotted over an obstacle, ensure they safely overcome the obstacle and are guided where needed
  • Take note of anything that may need to be brought/repaired on the next trip and report to Kim
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Clean up garbage around rec sites
  • Check outhouse and Lyme if needed
  • Clean up trail as needed with chainsaw if fallen trees