Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  • To uphold the established Four Wheeler’s Code of Ethics
  • To promote recreational activities that involve the off pavement use of four wheel drive vehicles, encourage multiple land use and allow access to the back-country
  • To promote responsible attitudes toward the use of public and private lands
  • To protect our natural resources and the heritage of our land through conservation practices so people may enjoy them for generations to come
  • To encourage land management agencies to develop more areas and trails for multiple uses and to deter land closures
  • To participate in and support civic activities that will benefit the community, and to enhance the public image of recreational four wheeling and it’s enthusiasts
  • To promote cooperation and friendship among four wheel drive clubs and individual four wheel drive owners in the province of British Columbia
  • To Protect the rights of an individual by providing support for the united voice of responsible four wheelers
  • To maintain a uniform set of safety rules and regulations
  • To disseminate information, including pending legislation that may be detrimental to the interests of four wheel drive owners
  • To inform and educate our members and the public in wise and sensible use of four wheel drive vehicles

Four Wheelers’ Code of Ethics

  • I will remain on established and designated roads and trails. I will obey gate closures and regulatory or trail-use signs. I will leave gates as I find them
  • I will respect and protect the environment and the land, both public and private. I realize that future use depends on my responsible actions
  • I will obey all traffic laws and regulations
  • I will not vandalize. I will restore or repair damaged trails, signs, camp facilities, water bars or drains on trails in a responsible manner
  • I will not litter. I will set an example to other backcountry users by carrying out more than I carry in
  • I will maintain the safety of my vehicle and equipment. I will carry recovery gear, an emergency repair kit, basic first aid supplies, survival food and equipment. I will keep firearms in a safe and secure place
  • I realize that my equipment, ability, the terrain, weather, and the traffic on the trail should determine my destination objective and travel speed
  • I will observe fish, game and trail rules
  • I will act responsibly to prevent forest fires
  • I will always stop and offer assistance to a fellow four wheeler
  • When encountering others, I will be friendly and courteous