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4WDABC 2018 Annual General Meeting

Per our Bylaws, the 2018 AGM will take place on the third Saturday of March: March 17, 2018. Location and time to be determined. There are two Special Resolutions to be voted on at the AGM, as well as updated Bylaws. You can find them for your review here: 2018 Bylaws Final Draft 2018 Special… Continue reading 4WDABC 2018 Annual General Meeting

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Eagle Mountain and the Key Program

Eagle Mountain and the key program

Eagle Mountain, or Eagle Ridge as it is also known, is an old, deactivated forest road system north of Westwood Plateau, or as many would remember, north of Westwood Raceway. This area has been an active wheeling area since the ‘50’s.

Access to this area by 4wheelers was officially closed and gated in 2002. This closure marked the end to wheeling west of Stave Lake. This marked the end to week night wheeling as well where a small group could go for an hours drive, have some fun and enjoy a nice view of the city.