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Eagle Mountain Access for 2019

We received an email today that elaborated on the road works that were recently undertaken on Eagle Mountain in Coquitlam and gave some new info about monitoring road conditions while expressing concern about traffic.

“The new works on Cypress FSR have removed the rock feature known as the gatekeeper and has added many large swales and waterbars to allow proper drainage with minimal maintenance. This work greatly reduces some of the barriers that required the high clearance vehicle specifications in order to access Cypress Lake and the lookout. Many of the new waterbars are quite soft and increased use of the trail could compromise the drainage of the trail substantially.”

“The DRO requests the City of Coquitlam to not allow any additional users to access the Bluetooth lock for the time being. RSTBC would like to monitor the impact on the new trail with Coquitlam’s current list of 4×4 users for approx 6-16 months in order to allow the trail surface to settle and firm up. “

The above quotes outline the concerns of the District Recreation Office. I am following up with the Rec Officer tomorrow to confirm exactly what all of this means as well as exploring the idea of installing a ‘gatekeeper’ obstacle to help keep traffic at predictable levels.

So, those with bluetooth keys active in 2018 will be able to renew keys with the CIty of Coquitlam beginning January 3rd at their works yard on Service Center Road.

For those who do not have bluetooth keys that have been active in 2018 will NOT be able to get keys in 2019, or until the ministry is satisfied with the stability of their road works. What this really means is you need to make some friends. 

Please remember, the City of Coquitlam manage the key program and have done so for almost 9 years. This program has been for the primary benefit of the four wheel drive community. Last January, a bluetooth lock replaced the conventional key lock which improved access and monitoring immensely, to the 4×4 community’s benefit. Please keep in mind that the City of Coquitlam has respected our community every step of the way in working with us to continue access to this crown land. In this situation, they are simply complying with the gate owner’s (province of BC) requirements. Please respect the City of Coquitlam and it’s employees who have treated us so well.


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