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Eagle Mountain Decommissioning – debrief

Eagle Mountain and the result of ministry work re-commissioning and decommissioning the FSR.

As many of you know, the ministry contracted the above work to be done on Cyprus Lake FSR, aka Eagle Ridge trail. This work had to be done once the ministry became fully aware that this road had not been decommissioned after the last logging took place in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

Serious discussions began about this work in the summer of 2018 and actual work on the road began in late September and completed this past week.

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC has been actively and extensively involved in trying to influence the end result of this work. We worked with the primary consulting company and the company doing the actual heavy equipment work over the last 3 months.

While the result is not what we had hoped for, we did manage to get the company to spend 1 day to build a handful of obstacles that will challenge our rigs and provide some more difficult lines. The 4WDABC invested about $1200 to make this happen so we were not left with a simple decommissioned road with drainage ditches.

This is our first experience working so closely with companies engaged in decommissioning and we learned a lot, particularly around how many obstacles there are to truly achieve high value recreational obstacles while working with government.

Seriously, if you like difficult obstacles where you have to try multiple lines to achieve success, join me in the advocacy arena!

On the much brighter side, Eagle sees a TON of rain and the erosion will take place and old obstacles will re-expose themselves in due course. A little shovel work here and there (gatekeeper) wouldn’t hurt either.

For the more difficult stuff, take the first right going up the main FSR, branch 1 offers a few challenges.

Anyway, that is the news. We did our best and learned a lot. It was nice to have some influence for a change and I think this bodes well for the future.



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