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Hut Lakes: new 4WDABC Rec Site

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC (Sea to Sky Region) is extremely proud to announce that we have entered into a Partnership Agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC for the Squamish, Hut Lakes Recreation Area. Ron Lever, Nicholas Priebe, Tara Joan Priebe, and Kim Reeves, and myself, Lory Fairfield, have been picking at this for two years, and today it was signed.

Similar to the Agreements we hold for other Recreation Sites in BC, this means we will all be maintaining and generally caring for the entire Hut Lakes area. There is now much work to do and all of us are excited to call this ours.

Upper and Lower Hut Lakes have been a popular destination for advanced wheeling for many years, and this gives us something new to offer those who have outgrown the many “beginner” sites we current care for.

There is a lot to say right now but I am very proud to be able to thank everyone that made this possible and I look forward to working with everyone going forward. Again, thank you Kim, Nick, Tara and Ron. A lot of others have helped but these are the folks that got this over the finish line.

– Lory
Webmaster’s note: this is another fantastic example of regional 4WDABC members, identifying a local site to be adopted, and working through the Association to form a partnership with government, creating a new official rec site for all to enjoy.
We encourage members everywhere in BC, if there’s an area you think would make a good rec site, destination, or managed trail, to contact us. We’re happy to lend whatever support we can to make more locations like this a reality.

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