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Eagle Mountain: Temporary Restricted Access

Eagle Mountain update, Sept 5, 2018.

I met with Ministry of Forests representatives along with City of Coquitlam, road construction companies and Metro Van reps on August 22 to discuss the contract for road re-commissioning and decommissioning of Cyprus Lake FSR, aka Eagle Mountain, that was placed on BC Bid last month. The contractor who is awarded this project will begin Sept 10 and complete by Oct 20, 2018. Expect no access to Eagle Mountain during this time.

The scope of work is limited to re-commissioning the road from the beginning of gravel all the way to Cyprus Lake. Once the road is re-commissioned, all water culverts will be pulled and armored water bars will be constructed. Department of Fisheries and Oceans WILL NOT be decommissioning the dam at Cyprus Lake at this time. Rogers WILL NOT be installing a 60 meter tower at this time.

The water bar construction and armoring is to accomodate 4 wheel drive vehicles traversing them without damage so that was a nod in our favour to continued access.

The gate keeper obstacle, and all obstacles that currently exist will not be blasted or destroyed, rather, the will be filled over. The gate keeper will be re-exposed upon completion of the decommissioning. Other obstacles will show themselves in the coming years as erosion takes its natural course.

The 4WDABC intends to work with the contractor who is awarded this project to build some new obstacles to make the trail interesting in the short term while the system returns to what we have come to be used to.

We will also be pursuing a partnership agreement once the road is decommissioned and taken off the ministry books as a FSR so that we can maintain continued access to this high value 4×4 recreation trail.


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