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Eagle Mountain Progress: Showing Them How We Wheel

Posted to Facebook, June 6, 2018

Eagle Mountain assistance required.

We have an opportunity to assist the fish hatcheries and DFO, and perhaps some local Forestry folks, by driving them up to Cyprus Lake above Coquitlam. Some tools and equipment need to be transported as well as 6 – 8 people.

I figure 3 trucks would be perfect to come along with me. I would prefer 3 experienced drivers in fairly presentable rigs to assist to allow us to put our best foot forward.

A weekday would be preferable, like a Thursday. Would anyone be available to assist on Thursday June 14? Count on this being a full day with 9 am meet to run up the mountain and a late afternoon exit from the mountain.

Note that this trail is somewhat nasty and the gatekeeper is very gnarly. Not stock friendly at all!

Please contact me directly via PM or email at president@4wdabc.ca

Thank you,


Posted to Facebook, June 14, 2018

What a great day today was!

Four of us wheeled Eagle Mountain and ferried folks from Noons Creek Hatchery, Mossom Creek Hatchery and some government folks up to Cyprus Lake.

They had some work to do at the dam, perform some assessments, move some water and take some measurements.

The trip up and down were relatively uneventful thanks to the excellent driving and spotting from our volunteers.

I want to thank Jim, Dusty and Ron for taking the day off work and accompanying me up the mountain and also for carrying passengers and gear.

The 6 passengers we carried up the mountain will not soon forget their first wheeling experience as Eagle is a hell of a place to begin.

We did ourselves a huge favour today and I thank you for making this happen!


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