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Outdoor Recreation Council support for Stave Lake

Yesterday, I attended another Stave West meeting regarding the Interpretive Forest and multi use recreation initiative.

I have lost count of the number of meetings, open houses, public presentations, recreation group meetings that I have attended in regards to this area over the last 8 years.

At this meeting, I shared a resolution from the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC that supports the 4WDABC applying to the crown for the West Stave mud flats to be designated as a mud bogging area. I am including that resolution here.

As most know, our advocacy for continued 4×4 use of the mud flats is very controversial and has been throughout those 8 years.

Almost every single meeting that I have attended, ours has been a lone voice promoting our recreation and continued access to this area. Opposition to this advocacy and our chosen form of recreation has been continuous and strong.

Having said that, I have to reflect on what I posted here last night about our rule on respectful conversation. If our organization did not continuously walk this talk and advocate respectfully, we sure as hell would not be involved in these discussions and we would not be taken seriously.

I have consistently delivered difficult messages, advocated for controversial positions and argued respectfully on many positions that impact our recreation and our access to this area.

We have taken and continue to take a long range visionary position that we hope will complement the desired outcome of the provincial government, Mission government and the Kwantlen Nation.

I am not sharing this to put anyone down or to say that I am ‘all that’ as most who know me know that I am barely civilized!

I am saying this in the hopes that everyone reflects on how they engage with others, be it folk here online, police on the street, government folks or other recreationists in the back country.

Speaking respectfully does not limit what you can say, rather, it allows you to speak on the most difficult of topics while maintaining open lines of communication. If fact, I argue that speaking respectfully serves to build others respect in you regardless of the difficult topics you discuss or the uncomfortable realities you shed light on.

So, three cheers for the ORC resolution supporting the 4WDABC’s pursuit to designate the mud flats as a 4×4 mud bogging area!

Attached: 180108 Resolution re Stave Lake West mud flats

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