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Eagle Mountain Digital Key Program – NEW FOR 2018

UPDATED: The new lock program is going good so far, however to make this a little more organized on our end we will be asking people who want access to call 604-927-6200 to set up a time to bring their vehicle by, ensuring Dillon or someone else is available.

Potential users are asked to call 604-927-6200 and make an appointment to bring their vehicle in anytime between Mon-Fri from 8:30am-4:00pm.

From The President:

The City of Coquitlam has revised the public access procedures for the City’s green gate on the Cypress Forest Service Road (Eagle Mountain). The new green gate access program will no longer use the existing lock and keys, therefore existing users who have a key will need to return the key to receive a refund of $39.50, as per the existing agreement between the City and the users.

The new lock will be a MasterLock Bluetooth lock, which will be able to log users with a date and time stamp, and give us the ability to identify users and revoke access if necessary (for inappropriate behavior). It allows users to access the gate through a free mobile app, which the City will help users initially set up. Instead of a deposit for keys, the City will charge a non-refundable subscription fee of $10 per year, which will go towards maintaining the lock and gate. This system does not require cellular service or a data plan to access the locks, only functioning Bluetooth, and the app for supported devices:
Android app:
iOS app:

The city will also only give access to people who have 4×4 vehicles with adequate ground clearance and tire size that can navigate the Forest Service Road (FSR). Vehicles will be assessed on an individual basis, but in general, if you have 33″ tires and have over a foot of ground clearance, you should be good… just remember you are wheeling Eagle and it will eat your truck if it isn’t reasonably short wheel base and somewhat armoured. A locker would help too, and/or a healthy disregard for your sheet metal body!

To receive a refund for your current key, users are required to bring their key to Reception at 500 Mariner Way, Coquitlam; the reception staff will need the key to be returned along with proof of ID or receipt of key purchase before the refund of $39.50 will be issued in the mail.

Along with the new green gate access program, the City will be installing several new signs to identify areas that are off limits. We ask that you please respect these areas in order to show the City that we’re responsible users, deserving of continued access.

The new lock program will take effect Jan 2, 2018 – please do not show up looking for it before then.

Should you require access please contact Dillon Burgess from the City of Coquitlam, at or 604-927-6203. To receive access to the new lock, users will be required to bring their 4×4 vehicle along with registration papers to 500 Mariner Way, where it will be inspected to ensure it can navigate the FSR road.

Issues with the gate or abuses of access can be reported to the city Control Desk at 604-927-6287.

– Kim Reeves

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