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Eagle Mountain and the Key Program

Eagle Mountain, or Eagle Ridge as it is also known, is an old, deactivated forest road system north of Westwood Plateau, or as many would remember, north of Westwood Raceway. This area has been an active wheeling area since the ‘50’s.

Access to this area by 4wheelers was officially closed and gated in 2002. This closure marked the end to wheeling west of Stave Lake. This marked the end to week night wheeling as well where a small group could go for an hours drive, have some fun and enjoy a nice view of the city.

Our community didn’t give up, people kept speaking up, writing letters to the city, attending meetings with the city, BC Hydro, the golf course and the Ministry of whomever it was that day.

Finally, in 2009, our efforts were rewarded with a key access program hosted by the City of Coquitlam. This was the culmination of work and many meetings between the City, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, BC Hydro, the golf course, the Four Wheel Drive Association and other wheelers.

In April 2010, the program was up and running. People could go to the City maintenance yard, show their ID and registration papers and receive a key.

This program has been immensely popular and the issues that have been faced by the trail system have been few. A few locks for the gate have disappeared, some people have been driving in out of bounds areas just north of the hydro lines but other than that, all sides are pleased with the results. The city has tethered the lock to the gate so it cannot be lost or taken. All parties will work to keep people in bounds as well. In addition, the keys will change and the City is changing the key program to now include a deposit for the key to offset costs.

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC is very proud to have been part of this effort to reopen access to Eagle Mountain and we consider it a terrific precedent and an excellent model for re-accessing other areas that have been lost.